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THE DARK ROOMS Immersive Art Exhibition, Berlin – Sneak Preview



Berlin, something special is coming your way. Some big shots in the creative world have teamed up to organize a truly unique art experience—an exhibition curating 11 artists, their works exhibited in total

darkness.The event that goes by the name THE DARK ROOMS (TDR) is about to take place in Berlin September 3rd, 2016. As a location the guys behind TDR have scored an abandoned brewery, providing the perfect set-up for a truly immersive art experience.Upon checking the names of the people in charge we expect this to be a big one. The organizing team includes some heavyweight creatives, spearheaded by Academy Award winner and true master of immersion Sven Sauer, best known for his visual FX work for the modern HBO classic GAME

OF THRONES. You can find the TDR artist line-up and additional info on the event website ( Tickets for this event are free of charge in exchange for a simple registration ( /anmeldung/).

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